Dear Visitor, I used to read and reference many others to it. It was an excellent blog about Bitcoin and especially about some of the underlying principles. I am the type of learner that profits extensively from the graphical and interactive style the blogger “rf” used to explain these rather complex matters. It was certainly my favorite Bitcoin blog and the Article on Eliptic Curves Digital Signatures is a true masterpiece. have you ever though that you could never understand the math behind these signatures? Take an hour to read it and play with the interctive elements.

Unfortunately it seems that some weeks ago the domain of the blog expired and my research points to “rf” making his last changes to the site on 08-Apr-2015. All means to try and find out what happened to the owner failed [1][2][3] but at least I found the respective repository on GitHub. Unfortunately the site cannot be accessed through as it redirects immediately to the domain which is now on sale for several hundred dollars.

As the articles are not well preserved on I decided to unsolicitedly bring the articles back online here at guerilla style. I will leave everything else as it is on the site, needless to say that contact details don’t work any longer.

If any of you know “rf” or his whereabouts, please give me a shout on Bitcointalk or on reddit. All kudos to “rf”! I certainly hope that he is well and will return to take over the reins again. He was obviously smart and also very friendly when I had contact with him through email several month ago. Only things I know about him are what can be learned from his GitHub account and from the about-article.

Also give me a shout in case any references within the articles on this resurrected blog are broken so I can try and fix them.

– SimonBelmond